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Welcome to Romilton’s Discount Program

Here at Romilton we have been blessed to have family and friends involved with the Police and Military K-9 programs. We have also had the pleasure of getting to know many individuals who have service animals to help them in their day-to-day lives. We understand how important these dogs are and the great impact they have on the lives of their owners and those around them. 

This program is intended for individual use, and purchases made only are intended for you and your dog(s). Purchasing for others or with the intent to resell Romilton products is prohibited.  Eligible applicants will receive a promotion code for a 10% discount on all Romilton pet beds (limit of 2 beds per applicant).


  1. Applicants must be part of one of the following groups are eligible
  2. Applicants must fill out the customer form below
  3. Applicants must send a recent photo of them with their service animal.

Working Dogs:

To qualify, applicant must actively use the services of working dog(s). Examples include: Search & Rescue Organizations, Ski Patrol/Avalanche Dogs, Fire Departments, Police Departments and Military.  

Service Dogs:

To qualify, the applicant must be an active handler of a service dog, therapy dog, or guide dog that provides assistance for its user. 


To qualify, the applicant must be employed as a veterinarian, veterinarian technician, lab technician, or customer service representative in a clinic or practice that provides care for pet clientele.

Humane Society Organizations:

To qualify, the applicant must be employed with organizations that provide services for abandoned or disadvantaged dogs.

Please fill out our online application with your name, phone number, and e-mail address in the appropriate fields. Applications must be complete to be considered. Romilton will respond within two business days with requesting a photo of your and your dog.  Once received we will reply back with your unique discount code.

Please note that these discounts cannot be combined with any other sales or discounts.