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About us


I have always had a love for small, furry creatures. I wasn’t able to have a pet as a child, so when my kids were to an age where they wanted a pet I was excited to welcome a new member to our family! The kids earned money from a garage and bake sale for a new puppy. I met a lady locally that had a Yorkie-Poo that was about to deliver puppies. Late in November 2012 Charlie joined our family. He was small and cuddly, a ball full of energy. I never realized puppies required as much work as he did!  Right away he was the center of attention and we did all we could to make him comfortable in our home. He brought so much joy to our lives as we watched him learn and grow. Unfortunately, less than a year later, Charlie became very ill and our veterinarian insisted we put him to rest because his quality of life was so limited. Our family was so sad.  I began looking for another dog to fill the hole in our hearts. 

Several weeks later we met Kolby, a little Yorkie that needed a new place to live. He is our little rescue and we love him dearly. I began to shop for a new bed and my husband and I discovered that many of the pet beds on the market weren’t very well made. The idea hit that if we couldn't find a better pet bed we would make a better pet bed. Now, here we are offering pet beds for all the furry family members we all love so much! I’m excited to share our memory foam beds with you and know you’ll find comfort in providing lounging luxury for your furry friend.